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Steam vent silencer in india
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Steam vent silencer in india

Industrial Silencer

Industrial Silencer

We are providing the different type of  Silencers for the Industrial purposes.

  • Blower Silencers
  • Engine Exhaust Silencers
  • Fan silencers
  • Compressor silencers

The bestest work of our Silencers is reducing the noise made by the dampness or steam. These absorptive silencers are very useful to vanquish noise produced by the streams.

The size of our products is as suitable as client desires and expectations.

Silencer Design requirments for the process:-

Application types

  • Blower Silencers
  • Engine Exhaust Silencers
  • Fan Silencers
  • Compressor Silence
  •  Mass Flow Rate ( Kg/Hr )

Engine Exhaust Silencers

Our industry provides Engine exhaust silencers  with a full-fledged quality and modern design.It is very user friendly for the customers and clients.


  • Commercial Grade
  • Residential Grade
  • Industrial Grade
  • Critical Grade
  • Hospital Grade

Fan Silencer

dB noise reducers is one of the best way to avoid the noise of the  environment and producing the pleasant work place.The actaul  high frequency range (500-8000 Hz).

Compressor Silencer

Another silencer we are providing is Compressor silencer.

The essential part of the compressor silencer is muffling the noice with the measurements of 12mm and the user can easily handle the silencer  with comfortable.

Blower Silencer

The data which is required for the bowler silencers should be,

  1. Pressure .the term is PSIG.
  2. Air flow rate.(Calculated CFM)
  3.  Requiring Attenuation.
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